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How to choose the right hiking socks

For a hiker, the feet must be the object of very special attention and the choice of hiking socks is essential to be able to fully enjoy the pleasures of walking.

 There are several criteria to observe in order to choose the most suitable socks for the type of outing you want to make

The height of the hiking socks

The height should be chosen according to the height of the shoes used. Generally speaking, there are two heights of "upper" for shoes and therefore for hiking socks. A so-called high shaft for shoes designed for medium or high mountain treks. This equipment will keep your ankles firmly in place, especially on poorly stabilised or steeply sloping terrain. Mid uppers, which are lower, are more suitable for outings on flatter terrain or on gentle slopes.


The materials used in your hiking socks.

There are two types of material to choose from: synthetic and natural material.

The great advantage of synthetic materials is that they dry more quickly than natural fibres. This can be a major advantage if you are in a humid environment or if you cannot wait for your socks to dry for long. The advantages of natural materials, of which merino wool is the most important, are its antibacterial and thermoregulatory qualities. The term thermoregulation means that merino wool keeps your foot at a constant temperature regardless of the outside temperature. And the thicker the hiking sock, the better it will be able to protect your feet from extreme temperatures.

A third category of materials with elastic properties, such as elastane or lycra®, will help give your socks a good fit on your feet, a second-skin feel.

Finally, there are high-tech textile materials such as friction-free which is a polyester with a very low coefficient of friction. Used in the areas where feet rub the most against shoes, this material minimises the risk of skin overheating and therefore blisters.


Monnet know-how

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Monnet's expertise in using different materials to position them in the right places on your hiking socks.

Almost a hundred years of experience have enabled Monnet to master perfectly the positioning and combinations of materials, in order to guarantee perfect protection of the sensitive areas of the feet (shin, calf, ankle), good evacuation of perspiration, without forgetting the legendary comfort and durability of Monnet socks.