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Men's and women's lifestyle socks made in France | Monnet

Our collection of lifestyle city socks is entirely made in France. In our workshop in Montceau-les-Mines (Burgundy), we combine noble materials and craftsmanship to offer you high-quality socks for men and women.

These socks are also perfectly suited for tennis shoes, sneakers, and other casual footwear.

Durable City Socks

Our everyday socks are designed to last. They will withstand friction and repeated wear. You will appreciate a durable sock that you can keep year after year, and that does not deform. They also transcend trends with their timeless style. Buying Monnet Lifestyle socks means choosing:

  • A sock made from noble and high-quality materials. This is essential for long-lasting socks.
  • An eco-responsible product. Everything is produced in France, in our workshop in Montceau-les-Mines, Saône-et-Loire.
  • Timeless socks. Their simple and quality look will withstand changing fashions and trends, while remaining consistent.

Durability for us is not just about strength. It also involves respecting our planet, its resources, and people.

Socks That Provide Daily Comfort

We have been creating high-end socks in France since 1930. If our expertise initially allowed us to equip top athletes, it is now an asset for creating everyday socks.

We know how to integrate high-level technical features into our socks, as our sporting heritage has taught us. This expertise allows us to offer ultra-comfortable city socks today:

  • Our city socks stay in place on your foot and do not slip, thanks to subtle tightening (without compressing the calf).
  • Thanks to their noble and intelligently worked materials, our lifestyle socks also protect your feet:
  • They prevent discomfort (such as friction or blisters) thanks to reinforcements at the heels and toes and the absence of annoying seams at the toes.
  • They regulate excess temperature: keep warm in winter and wick away sweat in summer.

Socks Made in France

We have been making socks for the most demanding athletes for nearly 100 years in our workshops in Saône-et-Loire. Today, we use this wealth of expertise to offer everyday socks. For men and women, to be worn with city shoes. Try them and enjoy unmatched comfort:

High-quality materials carefully chosen to guarantee exceptional longevity. We don’t equip the French Nordic Ski teams and the Chamonix Guides Company without good reasons. Trust us, treat yourself.

To offer your feet maximum softness and comfort, we have favored natural materials: cotton, linen, merino wool, and cashmere. The sock heights range from high (below the knee), classic, and invisible, to suit all types of shoes.

We have also added a generous layer of looped fabric on the sole. This will remedy the thinness of some shoe soles: you will feel like you are walking on a small cloud!

Care Tips

To extend the life of your socks, here are some useful tips:

Wash your socks in the washing machine with a 30° program, especially wool socks. Use a low spin speed. Let them air dry; do not use a tumble dryer as it will damage the fibers. Use detergents and care products that contain the maximum amount of natural components to preserve the nature of the fibers. Do not iron them.

Men's and women's lifestyle socks made in France | Monnet