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Monnet, the reference brand.

Over the years and the innovations introduced to users, Monnet has become the reference brand in France for technical, top-of-the-range sports socks made in France.

Since the year of its creation in 1930, by Mr. François Monnet, our company has always had the ambition to offer socks to accompany passionate sportsmen.

Since that time, many things have changed in the world of sport, but since 1930, Monnet has remained unwaveringly committed to Made in France and to the promotion of local know-how. Our company has remained attached to its roots in the heart of Burgundy, strong in its roots and at the same time entirely turned towards the future and innovation.  

Today Monnet is the official supplier of the French Nordic ski teams and the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix 

Our presence alongside the greatest champions and mountain professionals allows us to push back our knowledge of the most sophisticated materials to satisfy their sporting and technical requirements.

This know-how has been rewarded by an ISPO AWARD, the highest award in the world of sport, for the GelProtech technology. This totally innovative and patent-protected technology protects the sensitive areas of the foot and leg (malleoli, hallux valgus and shins) thanks to removable, enriched silicone gel plates. 

Hunting socks 

With the range of hunting socks, Monnet puts all its experience and know-how acquired in the world of sport at the service of hunters to enable them to practice their passion in the best conditions.

Wearing Monnet socks is the guarantee of wearing comfortable, durable socks that will effectively protect your feet in all conditions: cold, heat or humidity.

The comfort of Monnet socks is first of all their adaptation to the morphology of your feet: all our models have an extremely precise size, going from 2 sizes to 2 sizes. 

For our range of hunting socks, we use the most sophisticated materials such as bio-ceramic, climayarn, outlast, cordura or friction-free.

Each of these materials has specific qualities that allow you to keep your feet perfectly warm while having thin socks, to prevent your feet from getting blisters, or to increase the longevity of your socks by reinforcing their strength.

We also use natural materials such as merino wool, whose thermo-regulating and antibacterial properties are the greatest assets, in addition to their undeniable softness.

Heated socks for hunting 

Finally, for those who dread exposure to intense cold, Monnet offers the HeatProtech model, the new generation of heated socks.

These socks are made entirely in France in our production site in Burgundy, with 33% merino wool and whose heating system is particularly effective and comfortable because it comes from textile fibres knitted all around the tip of the feet to the base of the toes.

The heat is controlled either manually directly on the batteries or via an extremely easy to use application.

Everything is done so that the user can fully enjoy his passion, with warm feet!

100% made in France

Since its foundation in the heart of Burgundy, in Montceau - les - Mines, one of the historical cradles of the French textile industry, all our production comes from our Montcellian production unit. Monnet is a brand whose production is 100% Made in France. This means that each of our pairs of socks is the result of a rigorous process of technological creation and design where every detail counts to guarantee the satisfaction of each of our customers.

Care tips.

To prolong the life of your hiking socks here are some useful tips

Wash your socks in the washing machine on a 30° programme, especially wool socks. Use a low spin speed. Air dry them, do not use a tumble dryer as this will damage the fibres in them.  Use detergents and cleaning products that contain as many natural ingredients as possible to preserve the nature of the fibres. Do not iron them.