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Organic cotton socks Made in France | Monnet

Cotton Socks Made in France

Here is our range of organic cotton city socks, Made in France. Our socks for women and men come in high, mid, and low styles.

Our French expertise allows us to provide a quality sock, well-ventilated and reinforced in sensitive areas of the foot. We guarantee optimal comfort, without friction or slipping. Our Made in France socks are designed to be exceptionally durable!

For men and women, our Monnet organic cotton socks

The cotton used for our Casual range is 100% organic cotton. This choice is justified by the natural qualities of cotton, but above all guided by ethical criteria. At Monnet, we attach essential importance to protecting the planet's natural resources.

The simplest way to preserve these resources is to consume reasonably. The best solution is undoubtedly to buy quality and long lasting products... like Monnet socks: Made in France and in organic cotton.

Through its organic cotton lifestyle range, Monnet offers unmatched quality, comfortable, and durable ankle socks, low-cut socks, and mid-calf socks for everyday wear, just like its merino wool range. After all, with nearly a century of experience equipping the greatest French sports champions with socks, that's the least Monnet could do for your feet.

Cotton is Good.

Cotton is the soft fiber that surrounds the seed of the cotton plant, which grows in tropical and subtropical climates and requires a lot of water for cultivation. When mature, the seed bursts open and releases abundant fluff.

The length of cotton fibers varies depending on the species and degree of maturity. The longer and finer the fiber, the better the quality and strength of the cotton. Cotton quality also depends on its color, ranging from creamy white to yellowish.

The closer the cotton is to white, the more it is appreciated because it will be easier to bleach completely for dyeing later on. Cotton is a natural plant-based material, like linen and hemp. There are also natural materials of animal origin, such as wool or silk.

Organic Cotton Socks

What sets organic cotton apart from conventional cotton is how it is grown. To claim the organic label, cotton must be grown without pesticides or fertilizers, and without monocultures. Crop rotation avoids the need for pesticides.

As it is not attacked, the soil can better retain water and the plants are more resistant to insects. A natural virtuous circle is thus created in the long term. Moreover, organic cotton cultivation is less energy and water-intensive.

This results in a garment that pollutes very little and is therefore healthier for the planet in the long term. The strengths of cotton, whether organic or conventional, are numerous. It possesses the essential qualities of natural materials. Cotton is absorbent, insulating, breathable, and minimally allergenic.

Organic cotton socks Made in France | Monnet