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Club des Sports de Val d’Isère

Fabien Brusson

The Club des Sports de Val d’Isère ranks second in the French national alpine ski clubs. Val d’Isère is now a byword for top-notch world-class ski resort. It boasts one of the most prestigious alpine ski competitions worldwide, the Criterium de la Première Neige. Its sports club has spawned a large number of French champions over several decades : the iconic Henry Oreiller, Christine and Marielle Goitschel, Jean Claude Killy, Patrice BianchiI, Mathieu Bozzett, Ingrid Jacquemod. The latest generation features Anémone Marmottan, an Olympic team member in Sochi in 2014.


Fabien Brusson

Club des Sports de Val d’Isère : Milestones

  • 1935 : Charles Diebold forms the Club des Sports de Val d’Isère
  • 1955 : The Club organizes the first ever Critérium de la Première Neige
  • 1977 : The Club organizes the Scaraffioti : an international ski competition for children.
  • 1992 : The Club hosts the downhill run competitions for the Albertville Oylmpics.
  • 2009 : The Club hosts the Alpine Ski World Championship.
  • 2011 : The Club organizes the Ice Trail Tarentaise, the highest-altitude trail contested in Europe.
  • 2012 : The Club organizes the UCI (International Cycling Union) Mountain Biking World Cup.
  • 2013 : The Club organizes the Mountain Biking Enduro World Series.


Fabien Brusson

An expert shares

« The Club des Sports de Val d’Isère has always partnered with organizations with a definite technological edge in their respective areas. Those organizations all exhibit the same professionalism as our own when it comes to grooming world class athletes and hosting world-class sports events as we have been doing for 60 years. It is a fact that our athletes depend on state-of-the-art and reliable products. Monnet’s socks absolutely meet our requirements. »

Emmanuel Coudert – Manager of Club des Sports de Val d'Isère.

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