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Enak Gavaggio

Enak GAVAGGIO is nicknamed the Dark Lord. He has been holding one of the world’s top positions in his discipline, skicross. He took an honorable 5th position at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. He has won seven X-Games medals and boasts five World Cup titles. The rider hailing from Les Arcs in France now crisscrosses the globe.


A few details

Born on May 4th 1976
Place of residence: Les Arcs, Savoie, France.

Principaux résultats

  • 5th position at the Vancouver, Canada Olympics 2010.
  • Bronze medal at the 2007 World Championship.


An athlete confides

« My ski boots are quite tight because I need maximum accuracy in my run, which means full control over my skis. Monnet socks are suitably thin for that purpose and yet they afford maximum comfort and warmth. »


Selected Monnet model: ENERGY Racing