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Ice Trail Tarentaise

Monnet has been an official partner company of ITT ever since it was created, in 2011. A beacon in the world of alpine trail races, ITT stands out for two very special reasons. First, trail runners never compete at an altitude lower than 1 850 m, which makes ITT the highest trail race in Europe, both in terms of average elevation and maximum elevation. Second, the trail includes a stretch to the peak of la Grande Motte, which normally qualifies as mountain-climbing. The slopes are fitted with specific equipment for the event. ITT counts for up to 2 points in the UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc).


Ice Trail Tarentaise de Val d’Isère : Milestones

  • 2011 : Maiden race won by Damien Vouillamoz.
  • 2012 : François d’Haene wins the race in 8 hours and 16 minutes.
  • 2013 : Kilian Jornet wins the race in 7 hours and 35 minutes.
  • 2014 : ITT is featured on the world ski running circuit.


« Trailing means enduring, which means it is essential to be properly shod. Both the boots and the socks you wear matter a great deal. Sore feet will inevitably hamper the running and lessen the performance. Monnet socks are the absolute must-have and must-wear. They are unrivalled when it comes to comfort and protection. Trying them is loving them. And what do you think is the icing on the cake? They are made in France ! »

Vinner Laurent – Organizer of Trail Tarentaise de Val d’Isère.

Selected Monnet Model: Trail Force