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France’s Cross Country Ski Teams

Martin Fourcade
Martin Fourcade

Jean-Guillaume Beatrix
Jean-Guillaume Beatrix

aurice-Manificat, Cyril Gaillard, Ivan Perilllat-Boiteux, Robin Duvillard
Maurice Manificat,
Cyril Gaillard,
Ivan Perilllat-Boiteux,
Robin Duvillard

Coline Mattel
Coline Mattel

Four disciplines, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, biathlon and Nordic combined, have yielded France the largest number of Olympic medals in winter sports in 30 years, more medals than all other Olympic sports together.

France’s Nordic Ski Teams have featured in Olympic Games ever since the Chamonix Games in 1924. Suffice it to mention such major champions as biathlon athletes Raphaël Poirée, Vincent Jay and Florence Baverel-Robert , and also Jason Lamy-Chapuis and Fabrice Guy in combined Nordic.

The French Nordic Ski teams were awarded an impressive number of medals at the recently closed Sochi Olympic Games in 2014 : 2 gold medals, I silver medal and 3 Bronze medals, ie 6 medals out a total 15 won by French athletes over the 22nd Winter Games.

Hall of fame

WGoldld Championships . Title holders

2000 Raphaël Poirée mass start 15 km
2001  Raphaël Poirée mass start 15 km
2004 Raphaël Poirée mass start 15 km
2004 Raphaël Poirée  individuelle 20km individual, 10km Sprint and 15km mass start
2007 Raphaël Poirée 20km individual.
2011 Martin Fourcade  12,5 km Pursuit
2012 Martin Fourcade 10 km sprint, 12,5 km Pursuit, 15 km mass start
2013 Martin  Fourcade 20 km Individual
1995 Corinne Niogret 15 km individual - Anne Briand 7,5 km Sprint
1996 Emmanuelle Claret 15 km individual
2003 Sylvie Becaert sprint 7,5 km - Sandrine Bailly Pursuit 10 km

Olympic Games – Men

2014 Sotchi Martin Fourcade (Gold)
2010 Vancouver Vincent Jay (Gold)
2002 Salt Lake City Rapahaël Poirée (Silver)
2006 Turin Vincent Defrasne (Gold)
2010 Vancouver Vincent Jay (Bronze).
2014 Sotchi Martin Fourcade (Gold) - Jean-Guillaume Beatrix (Bronze)

Mass start  
2010 Vancouver Martin Fourcade (Silver)
2014 Sochi Martin Fourcade (Silver)
1994 Lillehammer (Bronze)
2002 Salt Lake City (Bronze)
2006 Turin (Bronze)
2014 Sochi (Bronze)

Olympic Games – Women

1994 Lillehammer Anne Briand ( Siver)
2006 Turin Anne Baverel-Robert (Gold)
2010 Vancouver Marie Dorin ( Bronze)
2010 Vancouver Marie-Laure Brunet (Bronze)
1992 Albertville (Gold)
1994 Lillehammer (Bronze)
2006 Turin (Bronze)
2010 Vancouver (Silver)
Ski Jumping
2014 Sochi Coline Mattel (Bronze)

Nordic Combined

World Championships . World Title Holders
2011 Jason Lamy-Chapuis (Large hill)
2013 Jason Lamy-Chapuis (Normal hill)
2013 Team victory (Normal hill)
2013 Men’s team large hill

Olympic Games – Men
1998 Nagano (Bronze)
10km Nordic
2010 Vancouver Jason Lamy-Chapuis (Gold)
15 km
1992 Albertville Fabrice Guy (Gold) - Sylvain Guillaume (Silver).

Ski Jumping

Olympic Games-women
2014 Sochi Coline Mattel (Bronze).

Cross-country skiing

Olympic Games – men
2006 Turin Roddy Darragon (Silver)
2014 Sochi (Bronze)




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