The manufacturing of world-class textile goods in France : a tradition …

Monnet… A respected name throughout the history of the company’s hometown

Monnet’s history is deeply rooted in Montceau les Mines, a city in the French famed area of Burgundy.

Burgundy is famous the world around for its wines and its unrivalled honed-over-centuries expertise in wine-making. But Burgundy is also home to lesser-known traditions in coal-mining and textile mills.

The Monnet company was not started in Montceau les Mines by accident, as the former coal mining area also saw the rise of one of the prominent textile industries in France.

At the time the pits were still in operation, housewises knitted garments to sell while their husbands toiled deep underground.
In the 1930ies, Mr Monnet, an established hosier and haberdasher of Montceau les Mines took to marketing local home-knitted customized products to his patrons. Such was the demand for his products that his company elected to manufacture the products itself, still tapping the local workers exceptional talents.

In the following years, the incipience of budding ski resorts inspired Mr Monnet to develop new lines targeted at the growing numbers of alpine skiers, and focused chiefly on ski socks.



  A long-standing commitment to catering the best to sports competition athletes

It took very little time for Monnet’s renowned quality to earn it the appointment as official and exclusive supplier of France’s Ski Team. As early as 1936, the famed Emile Allais, triple Gold medal winner at the Chamonix World Championship in 1937 wore Monnet socks.

Emile Allais triumph ushered in a glorious era for French downhill skiing, with such stars alpine athletes Jean Vuarnet, Henri Oreiller, Guy Périllat, Jean-Claude Killy, Franck Piccard, Marielle Goitschel, Annie Famose,Perrine Pelen, Isabelle Mir, Fabienne Serrat . All were loyal Monnet socks users.

For over half a century, from the 1936 Olympic Games in Garmish-Partenkirshen through to the Calgary Olympic Games in 1988, Monnet has prided itself on its position as exclusive supplier of France’s Ski Team.

Monnet resumed business with the French Ski Federation in July 2013 inking a 5-year official supply agreement for all French Cross Country Ski Teams.


 Expertise and performance

Those decades of experience in close cooperation with worldclass athletes have endowed Monnet with unparallelled expertise in the development of high end sport socks. Athletes, sport podiatrists, and textile engineers contribute valuable inputs in the design and development of new models by our Research and Development Department.

Over the years, Monnet has broadened its range to other sports and outdoor activities. A number of its models have gained acceptance and even reverence amongst users, such as the Monnet Seven-league, which hikers have been treasuring for over 30 years.

Our developments draw on our understanding of athletes’ needs and our mastery and experience in the sewing and blending of all kinds of yarns, ranging from natural wool and silk to the most innovative high tech fibers, such as bioceramic polyester.


 Made In France

Heated debates on the merits of re-shoring have been on the news. Monnet has been consistently pursuing a domestic production policy from the start, relying on national talents and skills to manufacture high end products.

Every single pair of Monnet socks is manufactured in our mill in Montceau les Mines. Monnet proudly defines itself as a strictly French manufacturing company, offering unrivalled French-made products.

Monnet lays a heavy emphasis on design, as it would disown its heritage if its focus on technical know-how meant an absence of new and esthetically alluring models.

Not unlike a variety of « houses » who have given French know-how its world-acclaimed name, Monnet builds on its roots and history while looking to grow and expand in the future.