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Our Technologies

3D structure with shock absorption.

Reinforced knitting to provide additional comfort to areas more prone to sensitivity.

Enhanced 3D knitting to provide maximum comfort and extended ventilation.

Zonal tightening at instep, ankle and calf to maximize a precision fit.

Reinforced cushioning of heel and toe points.

An innovative technology for efficient heating, developed in partnership with Inuheat, a company specializing in heating systems.

Sheath structured knitting for reinforced ankle

Merino wool knitted zone to ensure a thermal protection of sensitive areas

“Second Skin" effect obtained thanks to a light compression around the leg.

Decreased compression from ankle to calf.

Fine knitted fibers enhance breathability for optimum ventilation.

Removable enriched silicone gel padding for areas more prone to sensitivity. A unique technology patented by Monnet.

Friction free ® (low-friction polyamide) anti-blister protection of heel and toe points.

Two layer sock construction reduces friction and blister formation.

Protection and adjustment tab

Seamless toe for a perfect comfort

From our technologies

gelprotech ski

trek wool extra light