Michel Vion
Michel VionPresident of the French Ski Federation

A partnership is built on both time and trust, and we know that with Monnet we have a particularly strong and long-lasting partnership. Monnet has proven its ability to create products that are at the top of their class and that perfectly meet the requirements of our athletes.

As the French national team, we are particularly proud to be able to rely on a company whose production is 100% made in France.

Daniel RODRIGUESDirector, Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix

I particularly appreciate the comfort of Monnet socks.
As a mountain guide, my job is to raise awareness of the environment and I spend most of my time with my feet in the snow, passing on my passion for the mountain environment.

It is very important for me to have the perfect equipment that can accompany me everywhere and in all weathers.

Nordic Energy
Stéphane BOUTHIAUXNational Technical Director of the French cross-country skiing and biathlon teams

Monnet's R&D team has incorporated feedback from our athletes to make its Energy Nordic sock model perfectly suited to the demands of Nordic skiing.

Resistance and durability, very good breathability to evacuate perspiration, absence of friction, protection of sensitive areas, and perfect thermal protection: athletes can concentrate on their performance knowing they have the best possible equipment on their feet.

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As with the making of a great Burgundy wine, nothing will ever replace the know-how and passion of those who imagine, design and produce Monnet socks.

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French quality and production

All Monnet socks come from our production unit in Montceau les Mines, in the heart of Burgundy. Each of our models is the result of a rigorous process of technological creation and design, associating athlete and technician, where every detail counts to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

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