The world of socks holds many variations in terms of size, materials and technical specifications... It is not always easy to choose the right socks, and in complete "ignorance," some could make poor practical choices or real fashion mistakes !

In this article, we will discuss choosing the size, color, and even the fabrics. Let's start with choosing the height of the socks.

How to choose the height of your socks ?

Although the trend is changing and socks are being embraced and shown off as accessories, it is important to adapt your choice to the outfit you are wearing. and to your activity.

● The invisible socks, or "Solerettes" (also called"low-heeled shoes") are ideal for summer outfits and with low shoes. They will give the impression that you are barefoot, while protecting your feet from friction and sweat. For women, they are also perfect to wear with high-heeled shoes and derbies.

● The "Ankle socks" They come just below the ankle bones. They are therefore also very discreet. They go very well with your sporty outfits, capri pants and with sneakers or tennis shoes.

● The ankle socks are the most commonly used. They come above the ankle bones. If your ankles are slim, choose lighter materials instead. They can be worn with skirts or shorts for women. They can be openwork, transparent or adorned with lace to enhance femininity. They are also perfect for androgynous looks when they are in soft colors.

● The 3/4 socks The calves or mid-calf cover the legs Up to mid-shin. They are more classic and can be worn with basic everyday outfits. This sock height is perfect for protecting oneself from the cold. They are not excluded for women since they go perfectly with a skirt Pleated at the knee for example !

● The knee-high socks or over-the-knee socks are rather used in winter to bring warmth. It is also the sock height preferred by men to ensure elegance when they wear a suit. What could be more embarrassing during a business meal than noticing leg hair when your pants ride up after sitting down at the table! For those who embrace this style, they can be worn with shorts. And for women, they are perfect for slimming the legs and adding a sophisticated touch to your outfits. They can be worn with a skirt over tights, or with slim jeans and paired with boots, ankle boots, derbies, or flat-heeled shoes.


Here is a high sock (called "mid-calf"): This will be your ally this winter. Choose a wool composition to maximize warmth.

How to choose the material of your socks ?

The Material of the socks The choice you make is very important in terms of comfort. It's never pleasant to have cold, damp feet or to feel irritations. By selecting the right material, one can also avoid discomfort. By bad odors as soon as one takes off their shoes, if they are prone to it.

● The cotton Cotton is often the most popular material for clothing. The same goes for cotton socks, which are primarily popular due to their durability over time and easy maintenance. They can be worn in any season, are comfortable, and allow the foot to breathe properly.

● The cashmere : It is isothermal and keeps your feet at the right temperature, regardless of the outside temperature. It is a thin material that offers a feeling of lightness to your feet, and its softness pleasantly envelops them. Since cashmere is delicate, the best way to take care of your socks is to hand wash them, without wringing, or using the wool or delicate cycle of your washing machine.

● The wool socks : They are ideal for cold seasons thanks to their strong insulation power. However, they can also be used during other seasons because wool is thermoregulating. It has a significant capacity for absorption and breathability. These two factors are notable for reducing foot odors. That being said, be cautious of the thickness of the socks which can be uncomfortable with the type of shoes worn in summer.

● The merino wool : It is a softer and finer wool, which allows it to perfectly adapt to the shape of the foot and its movements. It also limits itching. Like traditional wool, it absorbs moisture and allows the foot to breathe while retaining warmth.

● Socks made from silk : Silk socks are just as appreciated in summer as in winter. Silk is a lightweight, smooth, and soft material that will bring a lot of comfort to your feet. Like cashmere, you will need to wash your socks delicately to preserve them for as long as possible. For women, silk socks combine elegance and finesse.

● Just like with linen clothes, linen socks are very comfortable to wear in summer as they do not retain heat. This material is breathable and durable. It has the particularity of becoming softer over time, for an increasingly comfortable feeling. Linen socks are ideal for sensitive feet because this material does not cause irritation or allergies. Additionally, they are easy to maintain in the washing machine.

How to match your socks? What color to choose ?

The basic rule is : matching your socks to your pants or your shoes.. This applies to outfits that are more classic in subdued colors like gray, black, or brown. This way, your socks will remain discreet.

But nothing prohibits a little bit of fantasy, even daring ! With a basic outfit, you can add some style by choosing socks that match the color or pattern of a tie or pocket square for men, or a scarf, belt, or any other accessory for women! The key is to coordinate.

To go further, we can dare to add some contrast to our look by combining flashy sock colors to an ordinary outfit, or even to a dark and chic suit or combination. It all depends on the occasion !

And here you will find a mid-calf (or 3/4) sock. Made of organic cotton, it is an excellent everyday sock, which proves to be a good compromise between technical features (those that bring you comfort) and ease of maintenance / durability.

The type of foot and the type of shoe also matter.

You will not choose the same type of socks depending on whether you are wearing city shoes or hiking shoes.

During running or trail sessions, for example, the movements and friction of the foot inside the shoe are intense. Choosing special "running" socks with the fewest possible seams will allow you to reduce irritations. Sweating is also more abundant and it is advisable to avoid materials that absorb moisture, such as cotton. Instead, opt for breathable materials that wick away sweat.

Some models of socks differentiate the right foot from the left foot, in order to adapt as closely as possible to the tip of the foot. Combined with elastic materials, this feature allows the sock to adjust perfectly to your morphology, from the toes to the calf !

Also, some people have thicker feet than others: the thicker the foot, the thinner the sock should be in order to not exert too much pressure. Conversely, on a slender foot, a thicker sock helps to better protect and cushion.

Similarly, for wearing high-heeled shoes, it is recommended to choose thicker socks. in order to support the arch of the foot.

But it's pointless to follow all these tips if you don't choose the right size! Prefer models available in the most precise sizes possible. Your socks will thus stay in place and not excessively compress your foot.

The criteria for choosing your socks are numerous. A few clarifications on the subject helps : it will allow you to feel comfortable in your socks !
But if you still have doubts during your next selection, don't forget the golden rule: Prioritize comfort !