Underwear, like socks, are the most frequently worn clothes. They are also the most often put in the washing machine! But Improper care of your socks could accelerate their wear and fading..

We will give you here all our advice for washing socks in the washing machine.

The temperature

The choice of the washing temperature will mainly depend on the materials Of your socks.
Socks made of delicate fibers Silk or cashmere will not withstand washes above 30°C., while other items can be washed at a maximum of 40°.

To know at what temperature to wash your socks, the best thing to do is to refer to the instructions written on the label or packaging of your socks !

The spin cycle

For machine washing socks, the spin speed is just as important as the water temperature in maintaining their quality and preserving their lifespan.

Spinning too fast can damage the fibers of your socks.. There again, the materials Will determine the spin speed to select. But when in doubt, always prefer a gentle spin cycle, between 700 and 800 revolutions per minute maximum.

To preserve the fibers even more, Place your socks in a laundry bag before putting them in the drum of your washing machine.

For the most delicate fabrics, manually squeezing the socks in a towel is still the best way to preserve them.

Washing cotton socks

Cotton is the materials Cotton is the most commonly used material in sock manufacturing because they can be comfortably worn on a daily basis, and during almost all seasons. But what about washing cotton socks ?

We often hear, wrongly, Cotton socks can be washed at 60°, or even at 90°! But what is true for bath towels or bed sheets is not necessarily true for your socks !

They would be deformed by such high temperatures: The socks contain elastane, a materials which ensures the shape and support of the sock. At such a high temperature, the elastane would degrade.

The temperature for washing cotton socks should be between 30 and 40°C. Always prefer the lowest temperature, but in case of bad odor, use the 40° program, which will be sufficient to eliminate bacteria.

Washing wool socks

Wool is a materials Much more breathable than the others. Wool socks can therefore be washed less frequently than other materials. But you still need to wash them regularly, before people start looking at you strangely !

So, how do you wash your wool socks? Some types of wool need to be hand-washed, while others can be machine-washed, but on a delicate or wool cycle. Always use mild cleansing products and air drying. In any case, all steps of washing wool socks must be as delicate as this. materials made of natural fibers.

To learn more, read our article dedicated to this topic: "How to wash your wool socksIt seems like your message is incomplete. If you provide more context or the full text, I'll be happy to translate it for you !


Now that your socks are washed, how will you dry them ?
Prefer air drying. And if your socks are white, it's even better in the sun because it acts as a natural whitener !

Whether you wash your socks by hand or in the machine, it is preferable to dry them flat rather than hanging them up. Indeed, the remaining water in the fibers could weigh them down. By stretching under its weight, your socks will lose their shape and original size.

For very dirty socks

Sometimes our activities can be tough on our socks... And a single wash, whether by hand or machine, doesn't always suffice to restore their original brightness.

The secret is pre-washing: a bath with effective ingredients to make your socks look brand new again!Fill a sink or basin with water at a suitable temperature. materials of your socks.

Add lemon for its stain-removing properties, or hydrogen peroxide for stubborn stains, or baking soda for its whitening action, or white vinegar for its disinfecting and deodorizing effects.

  • Let soak for about 40 minutes.
  • Rinse.
  • Perform the appropriate cycle on the machine, and you're all set !

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Common mistakes when washing your socks

To keep your socks as long as possible, it is important to follow the rules listed below, but there are also things you should never do !

Never use the tumble dryer: It produces very hot air that attacks the fibers of your socks, regardless of their. materials. Synthetic fibers melt and deform under the effect of heat, while natural fibers are gradually torn apart by the hot air propelled into the drum.

Banish chemical products: Not only can these products irritate your skin and are bad for the planet, but they also deteriorate your socks! The delicate fibers are attacked by the aggressive cleaning agents found in conventional detergents. Your socks quickly become rough and stiff.
It's worth choosing. A laundry detergent prioritizing natural products equally effective for removing stains, softening, or whitening, or even a laundry detergent for delicate fabrics.

Do not scald your socks ! Grandma's recipe of using very hot water to wash socks is a bad recipe. Yes, it would eliminate all bacteria from your socks. But it would also greatly degrade their fibers...
A washing temperature of 40°C is more than sufficient to ensure good hygiene for your socks.

40°, but not higher than that. And as we have seen earlier, for some natural fibers, it's even lower. So always make sure to know the materials of your socks.

Under the effect of heat, textile fibers contract and lose their elasticity. If you wash your socks at too high temperatures, you risk ending up with socks that are tight, deformed, or frayed.