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A sock made of Scottish yarn, manufactured in France. Soft and comfortable, Scottish yarn is the perfect material that will give your socks a final touch of elegance and finesse.

These high socks made of Scottish yarn (sometimes called knee-highs) are an additional sign of refinement. The extremely rigorous choice of yarn made by Monnet guarantees exceptional durability, and our expertise acquired in the high-level sports industry provides you with the certainty of a perfect fit.

Color Black
Sizes 37-38 Size guide

Orders placed between Tuesday May 7 and Monday May 20 inclusive will be processed from Tuesday May 21, due to our factory being closed during this period.
Made in France

Scottish yarn has a misleading name since the material used is simply cotton, which as we know, does not come from Scotland. However, the process used to transform cotton into a very particular yarn was indeed developed by a Scottish engineer in the 18th century, Mr. John Mercer, hence the name Scottish yarn.

This process results in making the cotton more resistant, finer, and softer than untreated cotton. With so many qualities, Scottish yarn socks have become an essential accessory in any wardrobe.

In addition to the intrinsic qualities of the yarn used, the knitting of Monnet socks has been done by our workshop in Saône-et-Loire, which has been manufacturing socks for the most demanding athletes for several decades. The expertise acquired in terms of material selection and mastery as well as cutting is exceptional and ensures complete satisfaction for every buyer.

Epaisseur - X-Light
Composition and maintenance
Bleaching prohibited
Bleaching prohibited
Wash at 30°C
Wash at 30°C
Do not put in the dryer
Do not put in the dryer
Dry cleaning prohibited
Dry cleaning prohibited
Turn the sock inside out before washing

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